"I wouldn't say lucky" - Goffin breaks down best shot of career vs Nadal

Saturday, 05 March 2022 at 15:45
Belgian tennis star David Goffin reveals he hit the best shot of his career during an ATP Finals match against Rafael Nadal.
Goffin, a former world No. 7, clashed Nadal in his opening round robin match at the 2017 ATP Finals. In the 2nd set of the match, Goffin was able to hit an outstanding banana shot which left the crowd and Nadal quite stunned at what had happened. Remembering it, Goffin said:
"[My best shot came] at the 2017 ATP Finals against Rafael Nadal. It is funny because most of the time Rafa made a lot of bananas, passing shot bananas. And I made one, I wouldn't say lucky, but really controlled, nice banana (shot) against him."
Goffin further said:
"What is funny is that when you see it in slow motion, you can see Rafa's face. He was like surprised that the ball came back in the corner, like on the line. So, that's the shot I like."
Check it out below.

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