"My family on my mother's side is Nazi": Seyboth Wild reportedly sent horrific messages to ex-girlfriend as per Brazilian media

Sunday, 04 June 2023 at 11:45
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Amid Thiago Seyboth Wild's run at Roland Garros which came to an end at the hands of Yoshihito Nishioka earlier today has seen a darker exterior come to light.
Seyboth Wild was previously accused of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Thayane Lima which still remains unresolved and he has been asked about this only to shun the question and further not do press conferences as a result.
But as the magazine CLAY reported this in English as well as Brazilian TV station O Globo, further revelations have come to light.
Initially the newspaper posted a story with one sentence in particular: “My family on my mother’s side is Nazi."
This is based on WhatsApp messages he exchanged with Lima. “Your mother doesn’t like gays, blacks, and Jews, is that it?” asks Lima. The tennis player replies “Yes. My family on my mother’s side is Nazi. Literally.
“My great-grandfather, my mother’s father’s father’s father… was Hitler’s predecessor…. He was the one who brought him over from Austria and taught Hitler the life”.
These revelations were seemingly backed up by photos included by Seyboth Wild in the messages of his great-grandfather standing next to the leader of the Nazis and he highlights how Hitler stands in a 'firm position' before him.
Seyboth Wild himself sent a lengthy statement after some of the news published this week to O Globo, but is unlikely to answer further questions after already leaving Paris.
“Faced with some articles and posts published this week about me, I want to clarify that the processes underway in Brazil, as well as a criminal proceeding in which I appear as a victim, are under secrecy."
"This means that I cannot make statements, comments or expose conversations, which should also apply to the other party (his ex partner).
“But above all I want to remember and reinforce that there was no trial, so I cannot be considered guilty. I have not yet received the summons issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rio de Janeiro because I no longer have a fixed residence in Brazil.
"I have spent the last few months training in Argentina or competing in other countries. The same goes for the other party, who was also not summoned because he does not live in Brazil. Anyway, my lawyers have already notified the courts of my parents’ address in Parana. At the moment I am totally focused on my career, back to my best level of play, and confident that my innocence will be proven in due time.”

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