"Very personal but highly effective": Juan Martin Del Potro's forehand lauded by Patrick Mouratoglou, Rafael Nadal tops list

Sunday, 11 February 2024 at 02:00
Patrick Mouratoglou gave his verdict on the best forehands in history, crowning Rafael Nadal and praising Juan Martín Del Potro. The French coach shared a video on Instagram with his analysis and excluded Novak Djokovic from his top-5.
The former coach of Serena Williams also included the former Australian Open finalist Fernando Gonzalez, and the legendary multiple Grand Slam champions Roger Federer and Pete Sampras.
In the video, he shared his analysis of Del Potro's forehand, the champion of the 2009 US Open. At just 20 years old, Del Potro overcame the nearly invincible Roger Federer in a five-set match, breaking the Swiss player's streak of five consecutive titles at Flushing Meadows.
“Juan Martin Del Potro had one of the best forehands in history. The Argentinian had a very personal forehand with a big and high preparation, but his forehand was huge thanks to an incredible timing.
“Del Potro's forehand was a question of timing and precision: one of the most efficient shots he has ever seen. His move was very personal but highly effective. For me it's in my top five forehands in the history of tennis."

Best forehands in history according to Mouratoglou

In fifth place is the forehand of the Argentine, detailed in the publication as one of the best. According to the French coach, the best forehand in history belongs to the 22-times Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal. Nadal has adapted his forehand to different court surfaces and has found solutions to vary his shots, making it an incredibly versatile weapon.
Taking the second spot is the 3-times Olympic medalist Fernando Gonzalez, also known as "El Bombardero." The Chilean reached the final of the 2007 Australian Open, falling to Federer, and many consider him to have one of the best forehands in history.
In third place is the Swiss maestro Roger Federer, who demonstrated an aggressive and elegant technique, with a powerful topspin that allowed him to dominate the tour for many years.
Fourth on the list, Mouratoglou looks back to the 90s and selects Pete Sampras. The 14-time Grand Slam champion possessed an overwhelming forehand that enabled him to seek winners from all corners of the court.

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