VIDEO: Rafael Nadal is already training at the Indian Wells facility preparing for his comeback

Sunday, 25 February 2024 at 12:07
nadal bnppo
A couple of days ago we saw a photo of Rafael Nadal with Novak Djokovic flying from Europe to the United States and today we have seen him training in the facilities of Indian Wells, tournament in which he will return to competition after his injury at the beginning of the year in Brisbane;
We recall that Nadal, after spending 2023 almost blank, intended to play the Australian Open, but his untimely physical problem meant that he had to abandon and start again a recovery process.
His goal was to return at the Qatar Open and that this would serve as preparation for Indian Wells, but he did not feel one hundred percent recovered, so he decided to cancel his participation in the Asian tournament to focus on the American, where as we said, he is already training.
In the following video you can see Rafa hitting from the back of the court moving with agility. Let's hope that there are no more inconveniences and he can return to the courts at the Californian Masters 1000.

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