VIDEO: Roger Federer joins Bjorn Borg in Champions chat

Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg are two of only 6 tennis players that managed to win at least 5 titles at the Wimbledon.

Bjorn Borg was undefeated at the Wimbledon from 1976 until the final against John McEnroe in 1981. The Swedish player has won 5 titles in a row what is one of the greatest achievements in tennis. A few years later, the very same thing has been done also by Roger Federer.

The Swiss Maestro started his winning run at 2003 Wimbledon and didn't lose until 2008 final against Rafael Nadal. However, Federer then managed to win 3 more titles to become the most successful player in All-England Club ever. Now, the two legends took some time to talk in a series called Champions Chat.

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