The Battle of the Brits continued today with interesting matches that saw Norrie and Evans emerge victorious.

Another day in London and another victory for Evans. Daniel Evans has been playing good tennis recently and he continued to do so today. His opponent was Peniston and he didn’t go out without a swing. The first set was highlighted by good baseline play from Evans who managed to win it 6-2. Peniston came back in the 2nd set which he won with 6-3. As this event is an exhibition event the last set was played similarly to the doubles final set. Evans was more comfortable with that format and he won it with 10-4.

Another great match we saw was between Norrie and Jubb. It didn’t quite go as the first match but the tennis shown in London was quite good. In this one, it was all Norrie who started out in great fashion never missing a beat. He won the 1st set with 6-0. He continued his dominance in the 2nd set where he jumped out to an early 2-0 lead. He continued dominating throughout the 2nd set showing little sympathy for his opponent. Ultimately he finished the match off with a 6-2 2nd set victory.


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Author: Alem Mujkanovic