2023 Wimbledon: Prize Money and Points Breakdown ATP & WTA with record £44,700,000 on offer

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Sunday, 16 July 2023 at 19:47
Wimbledon Court
With the Entry Lists confirmed, the countdown to Wimbledon which will take place between Monday, July 3 - Sunday, July 16, 2023, continues with the Prize Money confirmed.
Back in 2022, the winner received a record amount with £2m going to each men's and women's winner. Finalists claimed £1`,050,000 with semi-finalists set for £535,000 all the way down to £50,000 for first round losers.
But in 2023, it is a record prize money with a 11.2% increase on 2022 and a 17.1% increase on the pre pandemic championship in 2019.
It will also see the return of a points breakdown with the ban removed on Russian and Belarusian players which prompted stripping of ATP and WTA points.
This meant that Elena Rybakina as a champion is only now in the top three on form alone a year later.
For the winner, they will receive £2,350,000. Runner-up is set for £1.175m. It goes all the way down to the first round with £55,000 with an overall increase of 12.9%.
Points wise, it is 2,000 points for the winner. There are marginally more for WTA with 1,300 for finalist and 780 and 430 compared to 720 and 360 for example for Semi-Finalists and Quarter-Finalists between WTA and ATP.
View the full breakdown below.
Prize Money Breakdown - 2023 Wimbledon
RoundATP PointsWTA PointsPrize Money
Winner2 000 points2 000 points£2,350,000
Finalist1 200 points1 300 points£1,175,000
Semi-finalists720 points780 points£600,000
Quarter-finalists360 points430 points£340,000
4th round180 points240 points£207,000
3rd round90 points130 points£131,000
2nd round45 points70 points£85,000
1st round10 points10 points£55,000
R3 Qualifying16 points30 points£36,000
R2 Qualifying8 points20 points£21,750
R1 Qualifying0 points2 points£12,750

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