As cancer battles brought them closer, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova reunite for documentary

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Sunday, 30 June 2024 at 16:27
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On the 50th anniversary of Chris Evert's maiden Wimbledon win, she has reunited with her best friend and fellow legendary tennis star Martina Navratilova for a new documentary to be produced about the rivals.
Evert who won three out of her 18 major titles at the AELTC harped back to her 1974 win speaking to the media on Sunday afternoon and the rollercoaster that was her run to the title. She got advice in particular from her former partner and legendary tennis star, Jimmy Connors. Despite that though, she felt she was lucky to claim the title.
"I remember that year I should never have won Wimbledon because I was in the same tournament as Billie Jean King, who I hadn’t beaten on grass yet, and Evonne Goolagong, who had my number on grass,” Evert said at Wimbledon. “Martina and I often talk about the Wimbledons you should have won. That was one that I had no right winning.”
But in terms of her own relationship with Navratilova, they faced off 80 times in the sport with 60 of those being in tournament finals. But their rivalry only shaped a beautiful friendship. When they have both gone through cancer battles, they have both been there for each other and she admitted it brought them closer.
“We really got close emotionally. Then Martina started beating me. I felt like, Okay, she’s getting too close, she knows my emotions, she knows my game too well. I had to tell her, I can’t play doubles with you because I feel like it’s affecting my singles.“I always found it hard to play a match against somebody that I cared about, especially like my sister Jeanne. I had to play against her three times, and it was awful.”
“This cancer brought us much closer together, which is kind of ironic that something like that would be kind of a blessing in a way, in many ways, and one of those ways that it brought us closer together,” Evert concluded.
But they have also become a real cause for change in the sport and have been very outspoken on a myriad of different issues including transgender athletes, the US elections or the Saudi Arabia takeover of tennis.
“It’s thrilling to see the attention and the money that everybody is making now. It could be better. At least we have equal prize money at all the majors.” said Navratilova. “I think the women’s tennis was kind of at the forefront of women realizing they can ask for more and feel that they’re worth it.”

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