"It was kind of disrespectful to him and to me": Rybakina asked again about coach Vukov's behaviour

Elena Rybakinas was once again asked about her coach Stefano Vukov and she reflected on the Australian Open row calling it disrespectful to her and him.

Rybakina's coach caught some arrows in Melbourne when several tennis media members spoke out against him and the way he handles the coaching of Rybakina. The overwhelming tone of those criticisms wasn't something Rybakina appreciated at all and she came out in support of her coach following those accusations.

She explained that she had to speak out:

"I just had to do it so everybody knows that whatever they can see or think, they don't know us. Hopefully, we won't get any other comments like these."

She further said:

"People don't really know us that well and like to comment or say something that they don't know. It's not their business at the end of the day. I think it was kind of disrespectful to him and to me."

And explained that everything is good between her and the coach:

"Its difficult because, well, I'm stressed out kind of every point. So sometimes I can get mad also for no reason to tell something to my team, but hopefully they understand. I'm trying to focus on myself, sometimes it's good, sometimes its not. So its just something between us but everything is good."

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