Shuai Zhang wins the 2022 Lyon Open

Sunday, 06 March 2022 at 16:58
shuai zhang
Dayana Yastremska threw away a golden opportunity to win the 2022 Lyon Open after losing four straight games in the final set to lose the match 6-3 3-6 4-6.
It was a very good and fast-paced final thanks to the tendency of both players to go for it in rallies. Neither Zhang nor Yastremska waited too much to try and win the point and initially it was the Ukrainian who was playing better. Her fatigue ahead of the match was well known and at times it showed however early on it was good enough.
She won the opening set with 6-3 and seemed to be in a good position to win the event as the crowd was firmly behind her. The 2nd set opened with an early break for Yastremska as well and everything was going according to plan but then it wasn't. The Ukrainian completely collapsed in the match losing four games in a row with the Chines player firmly in the lead 4-1.
Yastremska gathered herself a bit but it was not enough for the 2nd set as Zhang won the set with 6-3. And then came the 3rd set, a set that the Ukrainian will remember for a long time. She opened up well taking a 2-0 lead once again coming very close to winning. Zhang pulled it back to 2-2 but Yastremska pulled ahead once more.
She was up 4-2 with a very good chance to win the match but another collapse ensued with the Chinese playing winning four games in a row to close out the match with 6-4. Collapses have followed Yastremska throughout her career and this week as well but this one is very costly.

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