The WTA had one job and still managed to made a meal of it according to Tomas Petera

Saturday, 23 September 2023 at 04:00
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Czech businessman Tomas Petera has lashed out at the manner in which the WTA handled choosing this year's host for the year-ending WTA Finals.
There was some slight controversy regarding the host of the 2023 WTA Finals, with Saudi Arabia and Czech Republic vying to host the event. However, Cancun, Mexico was chosen as the location, much to everyone's surprise.

Petera unhappy with the decision-making behind selecting a host

"For five or six weeks, we handled and prepared all the essentials," said Petera in an interview Isport. "We almost made a miracle. We've even sent a truck to London for the special purple color they ordered to paint the courts. Then they didn't even let us know that it would be played in Cancun.
"It's just that the WTA policy makes absolutely no sense to me. Do you understand that until two months before the deadline it was not known where such an important event would be held? They just prove that they are complete dilettantes. They handle the biggest event they organize at the very last minute. Then they put him in Guadalajara, Dallas and Cancún, where they absolutely lack the fan base and the tennis facilities."
Additionally, Petera believes there would be a greater audience if the event was held in Prague, as fans would flock to see Czech players potentially compete at the event. Polish native Iga Swiatek would also draw support, as Poland neighbors the Czech Republic.
"In our project, there was a promise of sold-out or at least very decently filled halls in Ostrava and Prague," he added. "It looks like the participation of four Czechs, the Poles would be attracted by Iga Swiatek. I brought together sponsors and presented a very attractive budget."
Caroline Garcia won the elite event in 2022, with that year's edition held in Fort Worth, United States.

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