VIDEO: Vekic accused of poor sportsmanship after refusing handshake with Lesia Tsurenko at Indian Wells

Sunday, 12 March 2023 at 11:13
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Donna Vekic has been accused of poor sportsmanship after she refused a handshake with Lesia Tsurenko at the Indian Wells Masters following her loss.
Customary handshakes after matches have a tradition in tennis as it's a way to show respect to your opponent after a match. It doesn't always happen though, particularly when you have players playing that don't particularly like each other. Sometimes we see a racquet tap which si a very chilly version of showing respect.
Here we didn't see anything as Tsurenko approached Vekic who simply ignored her and continued packing her bags. She was angry about the loss but tennis fans didn't like it with many tearing Vekic apart on social media. They actually played last week with Tsurenko retiring from the match which might have been a factor.
The Ukranian has generally been accused of faking injuries more than once by other players so she's not really the most popular tennis player out there. Some of the reactions below:
"Backstory doesn’t matter, Vekic should have shaken Tsurenko’s hand after the match. V poor sportsmanship."
"Being a sore loser is one thing but refusing a handshake is a complete disrespect towards the opponent. Totally unacceptable."
"Well. If you don't like someone I guess totally ignoring them is better than doing a frosty handshake?"
"Tsurenko is acting like she will retire after every points and slow the game. And she’s doing it for years…Bad behaviour"

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