"When you're just on the coach and you got a Grade-3 tear": Kenin admits spending time idle recovering was 'tough'

Thursday, 06 April 2023 at 02:00
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Although she admitted her comeback journey has been difficult, Sofia Kenin has stated she has been feeling mentally uplifted since her return to the WTA tour.
The American was on the path to greatness after capturing the 2020 Australian Open title, but has been plagued by injuries which has seen her performance and ranking drop over the past two years.
Regardless, Kenin resumed her 2023 season and has stated she has been feeling great mentally despite having some underwhelming results this year.
"It's tough when you're just on the couch and you got a Grade-3 tear in the ankles," she said in an interview with The Tennis Channel as she competes at the Credit One Charleston Open. "So, watching everyone compete, of course you wanna be there and coming back was obviously tough."
Nonetheless, the 23-year old is happy with how things are looking currently.
"But I was just used to playing around. Not really training obviously. So, it was tough, but I'm really good and I'm super happy," Kenin added. "It was obviously unfortunate [the injury], but managed to somehow have the people around me, my family, mom, dad, grandma and sisters. Dogs, I obviously count them and my friends supporting me. So, definitely you needed that and there were some bad day."

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