"Boris Becker was right there Holger": Rennae Stubbs and Andrea Petkovic left puzzled at Holger Rune reuniting with Patrick Mouratoglou

Sunday, 25 February 2024 at 18:00
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Rennae Stubbs and Andrea Petkovic were left slightly puzzled and surprised about Holger Rune deciding to return to familiar ground and go back to Patrick Mouratoglou as his new full-time coach, only months after he got together with Boris Becker and Severin Luthi.
Both swiftly quit months later due to the time needed by Rune being more than they could give and Stubbs was left shocked and said results will soon show whether it was the right decision. It could be pertained that Becker not being able to travel to certain tournaments may be a factor in itself, but both agreed that due to his pedigree, it is a puzzling decision.
Becker who previously coached Novak Djokovic was starting to get results out of Rune, but couldn't travel to Australia and instead worked for Eurosport from Germany due to his prison stint restricting him from travel. He as a result was even critiquing his charge's early loss to Arthur Cazaux with Luthi instead being head coach. Kenneth Carlsen then took over and has been a part of Rune's team for sometime and will continue in this way alongside Mouratoglou, many of his physios and other staff came from the Mouratoglou Academy so they remain unchanged.
"I don't know, it's a surprise to me. We literally were having dinner and talking about this the other night, and we didn't think that was going to happen, I think for various reasons. I don't know why he's going back, but as I said, results will show. We'll see what happens." Stubbs said.
Petkovic also was a bit puzzled by the move and said that when Becker is right there, she doesn't see the point. "Boris Becker was right there, Holger. He was right there. I'm not saying Patrick is a bad coach. He might even be the perfect coach for Holger Rune, but come on, it's Boris Becker man."

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