"I was getting goosebumps": Rafael Nadal Madrid Open farewell lauded by Andy Roddick as a 10/10

Saturday, 04 May 2024 at 16:45
As Rafael Nadal said farewell to the Madrid Open, it was lauded as a true 10/10 in the thoughts of former World No.1 as he said he got 'goosebumps' as he did his usual routines going onto court.
Nadal heads to Rome on his farewell tour where he is a 10-time champion at the tournament, but the Madrid Open struck a chord for many reasons for Roddick from Nadal's preparation down to the ceremony and how they treated opposition players.
"I was getting goosebumps. He walks out and he was doing his thing with his bottles and his bag and all his particulars and the crowd is just ready RAFA RAFA RAFA. I am 1000% confident he felt appreciated this week and it was effusive. It was well deserved, it was a celebration of what he's done. The ceremony after was great, that was expected. The reaction was perfect," said Roddick on Served.
"I think the preparation for Rafa against what his body can handle was a 10/10. I thought the crowd and the note they hit by cheering for him and also being respectful of the other players was a 10/10. I think the fact that his body pulled up and we didn't see what we've seen over the past two years where he runs and then kind of pulls up and you can tell something is wrong. I forgot to look for injuries at a certain point this week with Rafa and it was just watching him play tennis."

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