In our Daily Dose of Social Media: Are Tsitsidosa back on, Sabalenka jousts with umpire, Federer and Nadal in heartwarming campaign

Sunday, 19 May 2024 at 13:47
As the Rome Open concludes, the first champion has been crowned in the form of Iga Swiatek and in our Daily Dose of Social Media for Saturday 18 May, we wrap up some of the moments you may have missed both from the Foro Italico and also further afield.

Are Tsitsidosa back on?

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa shocked the tennis world after announcing they were splitting up on Sunday May 5 after nearly a year together. The latter split up with ex-boyfriend Juan Betancourt and got together with her fellow tennis pro. But are they back together?
After a launch through Spotify profiles, they announced it was for real and were seen everywhere together especially given Badosa's injury. “When we were great, the relationship was great,” said Badosa to “Other times, we have our own careers, our own things, and sometimes it’s better to separate ways.
“This reminds me a lot of the story of Maria [Sharapova] and Grigor [Dimitrov], where you meet the right person but maybe in the wrong moment. It’s a little bit like this.”
But are they back? Social media was a buzz on the Tsitsidosa (yes they exist) fan accounts with a video surfacing which was of Tsitsipas in his car in Monaco getting out and holding hands with Badosa as they walked off with the caption being that it was today (Saturday). Fans since have aimed to decipher whether it is actually a recent video or whether it is simply an old one reposted.
But it is interesting to note that famously Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina who were almost the original social media tennis couple named (G.E.M.S.) split for a week and then were engaged. So could love be back in the air? Watch this space and if it's wrong, the same. But after Tsitsipas' mother was spotted watching Badosa at the Rome Open, they could've rekindled.

Sabalenka's hilarious umpire moment during final loss

Aryna Sabalenka may have lost out again to Iga Swiatek in the final of the Rome Open. But the humour was certainly there for the Belarusian at times during the defeat after losing 6-2, 6-3.
Sabalenka joked that it was all her teams fault after she was defeated by the World No.1 in her post match speech and also had a go at umpire Marija Cicak jokingly about time keeping.
"What's your mood today?" said Sabalenka. "You're like so strict with the time... come on." To which Cicak just simply replied "Always." Sabalenka even in defeat in a hilarious mood.

Heartwarming return for Nadal and Federer

Early on Saturday saw the advertising campaign which was a masterstroke by Louis Vuitton leaving all tennis fans in their feels as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal reunited for the first time in a long while.
Nadal in particular expressed gratitude for his amazing career and remembered the first time the duo met.
"Do you remember the first time you met each other?” Nadal replied: “I do remember. Probably not him… It was when you won your first Wimbledon. It was 2003”
Federer asked. “Was I nice to you?” to which Nadal responded. “You were a little bit arrogant.”
Nadal spoke on how he wanted to be remembered. “We have been on the tour for over 20 years and we met a lot of new people.
“At the end, what really will make me feel really proud and happy when I leave this world, is the tournament directors, the people who work on the tournaments, staff, ATP, talks good about who I was on the tour or who I am as a person more than a tennis player. As a tennis player, at the end we have the titles, we have the achievements, and that’s how it is. I achieved more than what I ever dreamed about. So I mean, for me, at the end, the legacy in terms of human being, even for me, after achieving all the things that we achieved, I think for me is the most important thing without a doubt."

Sinner returns to training

Jannik Sinner also sent tennis fans into a sense of wonder as he posted a picture of himself on the court seemingly preparing for Roland Garros. In a week in which doubts have swelled whether he will make it to the grandest clay court stage of all.
Sinner was reported in the media to likely be skipping Roland Garros mainly due to the fact that his back injury could yet get worse if he continues. But it seems that he has made the decision or received advice to the contrary.
Or at the very least is trying to play. He was joined by Darren Cahill and Simone Vagnozzi. The former set the ball in motion (pun intended) as he posted a picture of a ball and racquet yesterday. Today Sinner posted his own cryptic but of course not so update. Will he make it to Paris? Watch this space.

Swiatek not leaving it to chance after Madrid incident

Iga Swiatek hilariously was left shocked out of her skin during the Madrid Open due to a confetti cannon that went off behind her. No such a problem in Rome as she took down Aryna Sabalenka to win the 2024 tournament.
But she did have an issue initially uncorking a bottle of champagne. She struggled and finally managed to get the cork off. But instead of drinking it herself or showering Sabalenka or her team, it was the crowd who were the ones getting soaked.
Spare a thought for those on the front row who likely have their clothes in the wash now after being drenched in champagne. Or a keepsake if you think that way. Either way after the toil, it was very much a celebration to remember for Swiatek who heads forward to the French Open looking to win the title once again after two titles in a row. The Queen of Clay ascends the throne once more.

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