Sam Querrey gives answers to what $150,000 Nadal and Alcaraz Netflix Slam private session fee would get from him in hilarious video

Tuesday, 27 February 2024 at 17:34
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As outrage hit social media surrounding Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal charging $150,000 for private sessions at the Netflix Slam this weekend in Las Vegas, Sam Querrey who himself is charging $2,000 for a hit with himself and John Isner which he dubbed the steal of the century has used it for hilarious social media content.
Querrey, a ten-time ATP titlist and former World Number 11 who retired in 2022 and now plays pickleball akin to Jack Sock albeit with some humbling losses along the way asked himself what $150,000 for a session with him would get in his world with superb results. This including doing the person's taxes, folding their laundry, teaching them not to win a major and also how to play pickleball.
Nadal in particular was criticised as compared to Roger Federer and Serena Williams in retiring, he was accused of a lack of dignity with the duo who will face off in an exhibition match charging a lot more than even top American pros in Taylor Fritz and Frances Tiafoe who themselves are top flight players on the ATP Tour. This compared to Nadal who is a legend of the sport, but many chimed that whether he needs the money is a different thing as well as Alcaraz who is alongside Djokovic, Sinner and Medvedev as the four top players in the sport as of right now.
"If you want to hit with Isner and myself, it's $2,000. It's the steal of the century. But let me tell you what you get from me for $150,000. I'll walk your dog, I'll teach you how to fold laundry. I'll even give you a psychological lesson on how not to win a major," joked Querrey.
"I'll do your taxes, I'll make you some lunch. I'll teach you how to make amazing social media content. I'll even tuck you in at night. And since you won't be winning a Slam, I'll teach you the next best thing, how to play pickleball."

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