"Things haven't changed that much": Rafael Nadal perceived to call Novak Djokovic's run against new generation easier

Saturday, 27 April 2024 at 17:47
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Rafael Nadal has admitted that tennis hasn't changed that much with the emergence of Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz in a telling verdict on the current state of the game speaking to Tennis Channel. Whilst doing this, Nadal also hinted that Novak Djokovic as a result had it a bit easier than their era to win titles.
Nadal hammered home the point that Djokovic is very much still dominating despite the fact that he is from the same generation as the Spaniard who is very much ailing and is at the end of his career. That as a result can be used as not only a strike for the longevity of Djokovic, but also seen as the case that Sinner and Alcaraz haven't furthered tennis.
“I don’t know. No idea. Of course, they are amazing players, but at the same time, if we put in perspective that Novak Djokovic won three of four Grand Slams and played the final of another one, I mean he’s from my generation," said Nadal.
“So of course they’re doing amazing things. But on the other hand, a player from my generation and similar. I mean, of course, little bit better numbers, but a similar level at the level that we played, for a long time, still having a lot of success.
“That says that tennis has amazing new champions, but at the same time, things haven’t changed that much.”
Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner haven't furthered tennis in view of Rafael Nadal.
Djokovic echoed similar sentiments priorly saying that he felt that the challenge of winning big titles left him in a way when his rivals ended up retiring. "So everything happens in life for reason and I think that it’s beautiful for our sport that we had, amazing rivalries that have really marked an incredible two decades,” said Djokovic.
“I remember John McEnroe was saying in one of the documentaries that I’ve seen recently that when Bjorn Borg retired, he felt like part of him also retired, even though he kept going. That’s, I must say, a similar feeling that I have with Roger retiring and Rafa not playing much at all. It’s a strange feeling.
“I mean, I try to find a new rival, and I had some great matches with Alcaraz and Sinner lately, but they still remain the two biggest rivals I’ve ever had. I don’t miss them, but I’m sure tennis misses them. These two are legends of our sport. They left a very great legacy both in tennis and in sports in general.”

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