(VIDEO) Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Bublik hilariously becomes most friendly and peaceful match ever despite prior billing

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 at 17:06
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Touted as a real match of the day due to the potential for showmanship and potential tennis aggro, Alexander Bublik and Daniil Medvedev was hilariously the complete opposite and was a very cordial affair which saw a very friendly hug at the net between the pair.
The user BwehRublev on X tweeted yesterday to send 'thoughts and prayers' to the umpire of the match but was left to eat their words as they shared the video of the embrace calling it in fact 'the most friendly and peaceful match in the history of tennis'.
But it is one that Bublik has not really had the best record in sitting at 0-6 down to his opponent and that is not shocking given his previous words about him. "I played with Medvedev in the main draw. He's a God, descended from above. It's impossible to beat him. I played against him in juniors and never beat him," said Bublik previously.
“Tough match. A lot of drop shots. I got so tired in the end running for them. That’s when you lose your concentration and play worse. After the match he told me he was dead also. Good for me. At least I wasn’t the only one," said Medvedev post match.

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