(VIDEO) Roberto Carballes Baena intentionally attempts to hit Alexander Bublik twice with his serve at Madrid Open

Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 13:50
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Roberto Carballes Baena lost out 6-1, 2-6, 2-6 to Alexander Bublik and perhaps there was a fire inside the belly of the Kazakh entertainer after the former attempted to topple the showman in a different way at the Madrid Open.
Carballes Baena was caught in a video shared from TennisTV of attempting on two straight occasions of trying to hit Bublik with his serve intentionally. Perhaps out of frustration for the Spaniard after surrendering the match after losing the first set.
But it didn't work for RCB as Bublik found his way through. He faces a battle of the entertainers tomorrow as he will take on Ben Shelton. Watch the video below.

Missed this moment yesterday, when Roberto Carballes intentionally tried to hit Bublik twice with his serve… My lord.


Lo que hace aquí Carballes Baena 🇪🇸 es para que le metan una buena sanción y no pueda pisar un torneo un buen tiempo. Se pica porque Bublik hace el tonto ( lo hace siempre ) y a continuación busca darle un pelotazo con su saque dos veces seguidas. Vergonzoso es poco


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