"It's like a Hollywood movie": Garbine Muguruza recounts 'love at first sight' meeting with husband on Madrid Open return

Friday, 03 May 2024 at 19:46
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It was not only Rafael Nadal technically saying farewell to the Madrid Open but also Garbine Muguruza of sorts as one Spanish legend heads towards calling time on his career and one other has ended her career after inactivity. She was spotted in the stands for Taylor Fritz v Andrey Rublev and admitted that it was a strange feeling. She also recalled meeting her now husband Arthur Borges and also what's next.
"I am confused. I was just watching the Rublev Fritz match from the stands and I was admiring the court for the first time. I thought you know what this is a very beautiful court because once you're inside you can't see anything else other than the ball," said Muguruza on Tennis Channel.
On her retirement, it was a decision that in reality was natural as she recalled facets of her career and also the rigours of being a tennis pro that weren't so good. "It was quite easy for me. I know for some athletes it takes a long time but for me it was quite natural. I felt the need to move on in life. The lack of excitement I guess as over the years that changes. Just to look forward to other chapters in my life.
"I've seen many generations. I was lucky to play with the older generation and now with this new generation. What I miss is having my team, having the group and feel of protection and travelling with them. But it's a tough sport. It's very solitary. You travel every week so I'm not missing that."
But while she hinted at having a family and has also been a Zumba instructor in her time away, she also hinted at a move into commentary and staying in tennis. "Everyone wants to know. It hasn't passed the needed time yet. I definitely want to be involved in the media and tennis but also try different things why not. I'm open for opportunities let's see."
For now though she is spending time with her husband which in itself has deep tennis roots in terms of how they met. "We always joke about it, it's like a Hollywood movie. We met in a street in New York, it was love at first sight. Was one of those boring days, didn't know what to do so went for a walk on Central Park. Just bumped into him, I was like wait a minute you're very handsome who are you and he's a tennis fan. So he recognised me and said hey good luck. That was enough and next day we were on our first date. Make a movie (laughs). I think I could be a good actress."

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