"He's considered innocent, that's why he's allowed to be part of the draw": Amelie Mauresmo reiterates Alexander Zverev stance to much criticism

Sunday, 26 May 2024 at 13:05
Alexander Zverev will play Rafael Nadal tomorrow at the 2024 French Open in the landmark tie of Monday. But him playing in the first place has come under heavy criticism due to his impending trial for domestic abuse.
Amelie Mauresmo, the tournament director has come under fire for reiterating the fact that he is innocent and that he is allowed to play as a result of this. But as others pointed out hence the criticism, Zverev is technically not innocent currently.
“So far, our policy is that, as long as the trial isn’t finished and there isn’t a decision, he’s considered innocent and so that’s why he’s allowed to be part of the draw," said Mauresmo to Tumaini Carayol.
"And as far as the trial is concerned, we're not going to comment on anything because the trial is happening so we're going to respect that."
The German has appealed a verdict in his home country after being issued with a penalty order so he could yet be found innocent. But with the way the courts work over in Germany, he has already been fined and is appealing that. Zverev won Rome last week and come under heavy fire for being lauded by the tournament.
With the issues off court and also the potential that he could hand Rafael Nadal a hammering in his final Roland Garros appearance, it is safe to say that Zverev is very much public enemy number one for a lot of tennis fans. Mauresmo will also cop flack for adding fuel to the fire so to speak and drawing the ire even more.
He is accused of domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Brenda Patea. Olya Sharypova, his ex-girlfriend also accused him of the same. But no further action was needed according to the ATP. His trial likely won't be resolved until Wimbledon with multiple court dates until July so it will be a topic that will rumble on.

Asked tournament director Amelie Mauresmo about Alexander Zverev competing at Roland Garros despite his public trial for allegedly physically abusing his ex-partner beginning next week on Friday during the tournament. Her response:


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