"It's a miracle, only Nadal can do that" - Corretja on Nadal playing Wimbledon

Tuesday, 21 June 2022 at 18:30
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What Rafael Nadal has managed to do so far in 2022 "is a miracle", according to Eurosport expert Alex Corretja.
Eurosport analyst Corretja, who is acutely aware of everything Nadal has gone through in his storied career, said that "only Rafa" could continue to recover physically with so little rest after the pounding his body has gone through and the injuries he has had to contend with.
He explained:
"I feel like 2022 for Rafa, it's a miracle, since the very beginning of the year. After winning the first tournament, then the first Slam, he then got hurt again and he didn't have that much time for preparation for Roland-Garros. He then ended up winning, and one week later, or two weeks later, I thought, 'okay, maybe he needs time to rest, he needs time to recover'. Again, now, he is ready to go and try to play at Wimbledon.
He further added:
"I feel like only Rafa can do that, honestly, because all the ups and downs physically that he had he overcame them. It shows how humble he is, and how much desire he has to keep on going. I don't think he feels like winning the Calendar Slam; it's not on his mind. He is just going there to practise from the first day, get ready, and probably have the best chance he can for the first round. This is his only goal. Then he will go little by little. This is why Rafa deals very well with these kinds of situations because he knows where he is and he just goes for it, just being realistic."

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