"You've got to suck up a few losses": Dominic Thiem should use Djokovic, Federer and Nadal as example and not quit when it is tough says Jimmy Connors

Monday, 12 February 2024 at 23:00
Jimmy Connors has given his verdict on Dominic Thiem, suggesting that the Austrian should take inspiration from the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Thiem, the 2020 US Open champion, has been one of the players who posed a significant challenge to the Big-3, but his performance in the last two years has fallen short of his best.
The Austrian, with 16 victories over the Big-3, is the second-highest behind Andy Murray (28). Thiem faced a tough injury in 2021 after his participation in the French Open, forcing him to withdraw from the Mallorca Open a few weeks later, marking the beginning of a lengthy ten-month absence from the Tour.
Since his return, Thiem has struggled to maintain a top-100 ranking, and at 30 years old, he is still far from the level that led him to become a Grand Slam champion. Thiem himself has hinted at a possible retirement if he fails to regain a competitive level. Former world No. 1 Jimmy Connors believes that Thiem still has a lot to offer and has advised him to draw inspiration from the Big-3.
"If that was me and and I know Dominic Thiem's not me, but I'm just saying if that was me, I would say I'm 30 years old in comparison looking at how look Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Fedder, you know, look at some of these guys," Jimmy Connors said.
"These guys who are playing well into their 30s, into their mid to late 30s, and what they've been able to accomplish. Why wouldn't you give yourself a chance to stay out there and and try to grind it out to get back to where you were."
"I know what it's like coming back from it you know, from an injury, you've got to suck up a few losses. Two years is difficult, I get it but if you continue the grind... you can say, I gave it everything that I could to try to get back into the best that I could be and have no regrets," Connors added.
"Dominic Thiem has a name, you know, still even though he has been hurt, he's still has his name and his reputation. Being 30, yes, it is worth it," Jimmy Connors said. "You know, because he he has, he still has some time if he's willing to pay the price".
"You go work hard and you continue and you train and you try to get that confidence because winning is all about confidence," he concluded.

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