Danielle Collins broke her own rules as 'velcro dog' Quincy steals the show at Charleston Open

Tuesday, 09 April 2024 at 14:36
Danielle Collins sealed an incredible triumph at the Charleston Open defeating Daria Kasatkina 6-2, 6-1. But she also broke her own rules in order to have her dog, Quincy in tow who stole the show during her post match ceremony alongside her boyfriend, Bryan who had his first public outing. This after Collins revealed how they met during the tournament.
Collins though had Quincy come onto the court, her dog during the ceremony and admitted that he stayed at home for a reason during Miami and most of Charleston. She coined Quincy a 'velcro dog' which means he needs attention and sticks to her like glue.
But her friends brought him down on a roadtrip to surprise her. With Collins now not playing until Madrid, she will have plenty of time to catch up for lost time after being on the road for most of the last month or so.
“I'm sure some of you have probably seen him running around here at some point," said Collins after the final. "But he doesn't come with on the match days because he's my Velcro dog and he doesn't like leaving my side. He has a lot of anxiety when even if, like, he was sitting there and I'm here, he doesn't want the distance.”
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Danielle Collins will enjoy some time at home after an incredible streak began in Miami.
“The love of my life, Mister Q,” shouted Collins as she was reunited with her dog. “He started on his road trip last night, late in the evening. Rachel our very great family friend and her husband loaded up the RV and they got Mister Q in time for the finals. Mister Q was so missed this week so I can’t wait to give him a big old hug. I know he’s freaking out over there cause he sees me and he’s desperate to get on court. So I’m going to have to wrap this up.”

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