"Hope they have trouble falling asleep": Sorribes Tormo and Bouzkova slammed after French Open default controversy by Shriver and Simon

Monday, 05 June 2023 at 09:54
Sunday saw a rather controversial disqualification at Roland Garros (French Open) with Sara Sorribes Tormo and Marie Bouzkova slammed by Shriver and Simon.
The match finished after Kato and Sutjiadi were disqualified due to a ball hitting the ballgirl which resulted in her crying. Kato hit a ball towards the ballgirl but it wasn't intentional nor powerful. She didn't dodge in time and got hit mildly by the ball with the supervisor ruling it a disqualification. The umpire initially called it a warning only but Bouzkova and Sorribes Tormo pressured the umpire to call the supervisor which he ended up doing.
The pair were actively trying to get their opponent disqualified calling for it for much of the discussion with the umpire and the supervisor ultimately getting it done. It left many fans disappointed seeing two professional tennis players wanting to win a match that way. It certainly left a sour taste in Gilles Simon's mouth who reacted on social media:
"When you claim the disqualification of the opposing team when you haven't even seen the ball sent. I dare to hope that they will have a little trouble falling asleep anyway. As for the decision itself... arbitration in all that is most stupid."
Former legendary player Pam Shriver also wasn't impressed, especially because Bouzkova is actually a former recipient of the WTA Sportsmanship Award. She wondered whether this move ensured her never winning the trophy again:
"Here is a list of recent WTA Sportsmanship award winners. Will today’s events make 2020 the only time Bouzkova wins award?"

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