"The GOAT has to be the player who has attracted the most fans to a tennis court": Tsitsipas sees Federer as GOAT due to impact

Wednesday, 26 April 2023 at 22:30
The GOAT debate is a debate that will never have a clear answer due to the bias every person taking part in it has towards a particular player and for Stefanos Tsitsipas it's Roger Federer.
Tsitsipas grew up idolizing Federer which you can see rather quickly if you watch him play. The one-handed backhand is not by chance and for Tsitsipas the GOAT is Federer. His reasoning is rather simple - impact. According to him, the Swiss ace has had the biggest impact on tennis which is undeniable.
He explained:
"For me the best in history is not based on the titles, the number of Grand Slams or the number of matches you have won. The GOAT has to be the player who has attracted the most fans to a tennis court, the one who has inspired people the most to do something useful with their lives, the person who has made them enjoy the most. If we summarize all this in someone, that someone is Roger Federer. I stay with him and then I would say Rafa Nadal."
That role in Greece belongs to Tsitsipas and it's something he takes very seriously. His biggest wish is to grow the sport back home in the country and hopefully see an event there:
"I don't really know because I haven't been to my country for a long time. What is certain is that there are more outdoor tennis courts and that allows for more players. I am glad to have contributed to it together with Maria. In order to continue growing, I hope that in the coming years challengers tournaments will be organized and, if possible, an ATP, which would be something incredible for our sport."

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